Never ridden an Quad before?

No problem! Most of our guests are first-timers or novice riders. Our experienced and professional guides will provide you with a full safety briefing and instruction prior to departure. There is ample opportunity to practice your riding skills and become familiar with the machine before we head out on the trail.  We ride at a leisurely pace and you will never have to ride any faster than you wish or on terrain that exceeds your comfort level. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, memorable and highly enjoyable experience.

AII drivers have to be over 18, and bearers of a valid drivind license. All passengers must be over 11.

All drivers and passengers have to read and sign Terms of condition of the tour contract, and sign ”the Disclaimer” as well as acceptance at overall risk of driving a quad.
In case the guide notices any kind of inappropriate behavior, or suspects in drug or alcohol abuse he/she is entitled to exclude the person from the tour.

This is a guided tour, not a race
Minimal distance between 2 quads must be 5 meters. We keep safety first.